Thesis, Dissertation, and Publication


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 Where will I get the template?

You can find the templates on the UFIT Help Desk’s Thesis & Dissertation Support Center’s website:

If you made a figure all by yourself (For example, causes of climate change), but by reading many sources. How should the reference be given in the General note under the Figure?

In the figure caption, after the description, you should reference every source that you used to get this data or information. Ex: Figure 1-1. Climate Changes. (Adapted from,,

 Can two chapters have subheadings that are titled the same? Examples: A subheading called "motivation" (or something like that) in two chapters to emphasize the background. 

Yes, you can do this. The main thing you need to avoid is a repetition of the same title for the chapter name and subheadings within the chapter.; EX: Introduction

 For references, is it okay to group references that are for different chapters? For instance, at the end, I provide "References" and put Chapter 1 and references for that chapter, and then Chapter 2 and related references, etc.

 No, the List of References is a cohesive alphabetical or numerical list of the references used in the entire dissertation or thesis.

Is there a minimum number of chapters required?

 Yes, 3 chapter are the minimum.

What is the maximum number of chapters for the dissertation?

There is no maximum set by our requirements, this is a discussion you would have with your dissertation chair.

Is there an option to attach digital supplementary materials for your dissertation?

The UF Libraries recommend using Zenodo as the repository for supplemental content. Information on uploading supplemental materials can be found here:


 Where can I get the transmittal letter form from?

The transmittal letter is found in GIMS, but only the department can submit the form. It is required before first submission for doctoral students

 Does the first submission need to be a complete draft of the dissertation? Or could it be 4 out of 5 chapters, for example?

We expect 75-80% completion (approximately) formatted in the provided template for the first submission.

Can I just have the three chapters for the first submission and then add additional chapters later for the final submission?

For Ph.D. students, yes—we expect some changes after your defense. Master’s students should submit the first submission document without missing chapters since they have already had an oral defense.

For the first submission, do all chapters which are planned to / intended to be in the final draft need to be there? Or can I have just the minimum number of chapters: Introduction (Chapter 1) - Technical (Chapter 2) - Conclusion (Chapter 3)

You do not need to include blank chapters or "placeholders" with your first submission.

Can the Ph.D. oral defense happen after the first submission acceptance?

Yes, for Ph.D. students only.  For a master's thesis, they must have completed a successful oral defense before the first thesis submission deadline.

If I am doing a master’s, do  I have to do my oral defense before the first submission deadline?

Master's students must complete their oral defense before the First Submission Deadline for thesis students.

What would be the recommended date for the first submission in order to allow time for the Editorial Office to review and, in the case of rejection, allow enough time to resubmit?

We review them in the order that they are received.  If you are ready to submit ahead of the deadline, we strongly encourage that.  If the extra days are helpful to you, then wait until you are ready (but by the deadline).

What happens if my first submission is rejected? Is that the end until next semester?

Please plan ahead and work with UFIT Help Desk’s Thesis and Dissertation Support Center to avoid your first submission being rejected. If you are rejected, we will try to give you an opportunity to work with UFIT Help Desk’s Thesis and Dissertation Support Center to get the formatting issues corrected and resubmit again for the first submission deadline. If the issues are too numerous for you to resolve in a timely manner, then you may need to consider a future term. But our goal is to help you finish everything on time.

What are some potential reasons for rejection at first submission?

The document will get rejected if it is not formatted correctly, not in template, hyperlinks are not working, missing parts such as Acknowledgments, Abstract, References, and the Biographical Sketch.

If the first submission is rejected, will I still need to resubmit it before the first submission deadline?


If the final submission is made ahead of time to the final submission deadline (let us say 5 days ahead), and if the document is not accepted due to some issue, do I get a chance to make the necessary changes and resubmit within the timeline (before the deadline)?

Yes, you would. We review documents in the order they are received.  We suggest that students submit early whenever possible. This gives us time to review it and either accept it early or return it to you for any further corrections we need. Once your document is accepted from your Final Submission, you are not able to continue to make further changes or updates though, so this version of your document should be publish-ready.

What happens if I cannot submit the final version of the ETD before the deadline?

If you do not meet the final submission deadline, then you are no longer eligible for current term graduation. Your next opportunity for graduation would be the Clear Prior option. If you do not wish to Clear Prior, then you move ahead to the next semester and must meet the Final Submission and Final Clearance deadlines for the upcoming term.


 Is an appointment required?

Yes. You can contact them here:

 If I am having difficulties with the formatting of the Table of Contents. Is it best to contact the Editorial Office or the UFIT Help Desk’s Thesis and Dissertation Support Center?

Contact the UFIT Help Desk’s Thesis and Dissertation Support Center for formatting issues or see the online tutorials:

 Is it possible that I can have a one on one session to go over the document and get feedback? If so, please provide the information to have an in-person meeting.

Yes, UFIT Help Desk’s Thesis and Dissertation Support Center will review a document or have a one-on-one Zoom meeting.


 Do I need copyright permission from the journal where my article was published already to make it a chapter for my dissertation?

We always tell students to get permission from other publications.  Typically, they will provide this via email to you upon your request. Particularly when this is an educational document. (There is a sample letter request for permission to use it in the thesis/dissertation template).

What is the suggested format of a dissertation that consists of different papers?

The dissertation is one body of work. Each article can be a chapter or part of a chapter. There should be one Abstract, one Table of Contents, one List of Tables, one List of Figures, one Reference List, and one Biographical Sketch. The dissertation should also include an introduction chapter and a conclusion chapter.

If I am using an article I published as a chapter in my thesis/dissertation, how do I cite it?

The article should be cited on the first page of the chapter in an unnumbered footnote with a full article citation and listed in the List of References.

I have published an article as the first co-author, and I am planning to include it as a chapter,  should I ask for the approval from other co-authors?

Yes, please make sure to acknowledge any work that your co-authors have done for you.

 Can I include content from published papers in my chapters as a whole? If yes, do I need to cite my own work?

While you can do this, you must still format it within our UF thesis/dissertation template.  Yes, you would need to include citations.