Disability Resource Center

The services provided by the Disability Resource Center could be immensely valuable to graduate students as they progress through their studies. These accommodations are designed to ensure that all learners have equitable opportunities for engagement. By offering academic accommodations, course access assistance, classroom accessibility enhancements, and assistive technology support like screen readers and speech recognition software, the center helps eliminate barriers that might hinder a student's learning experience. It may also be possible to request a reduced course load to meet your specific needs. For graduate students, access to these services could mean an environment where their individual needs are met, allowing them to focus on their coursework without unnecessary obstacles.  

Office for Accessibility and Gender Equity

The Office for Accessibility and Gender Equity is dedicated to ensuring equal access to university programs and activities while promoting diversity and inclusion based on protected classes of disability and sex, including sexual orientation and gender identity. They facilitate accommodations, offer consultation, education, and training workshops, and address issues of sexual-based misconduct and relationship violence. The office leads efforts related to the Americans with Disabilities Act (ADA) and Title IX. Their commitment extends to fostering a healthy, inclusive, and welcoming environment, combating gender-based discrimination and violence, and providing resources for understanding Title IX rights. Additionally, they have a Gender Equity Student Advisory Board that contributes to policy and prevention education efforts. 


On a campus as large as UF’s, finding solutions to academic, administrative, health-related, or other problems might seem daunting for Grad Gators. GradCare is now in place to cut through the confusion and point graduate students toward available sources of help, whether those are related to mental health, food and housing insecurity, or medical leaves of absence.